Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ramadhaan Freeze

What a busy Ramadhaan we had, what with making a 'Good deed stars' freeze taken from Sister Umm Abdul-Basir's site and also in making our very first lapbook about Ramadhaan again most printouts were taken from Sister Umm Abdul-Basir site. Jazaki Allaahu khair Dear Sister for your wonderful work aswell as the other sister's site's Barak Allaahu feekum.

Anyway sadly Ramadhaan has left us and we will have to take it down really soon, even though my kids are protesting. Here's some pictures of their work:

Our background, we used lining paper and taped them together. Kids really enjoyed painting.

It was A's job to make the masjid.

And J's job to make the Sun and Moon and she even got her non-Muslim friend who is a neighbour of ours to help make the trees and flowers.

I found an old painting what J had made a while ago of a sweet shop and decided to put that on and we also made a pond with some water lillies.

The finishing result with all their rightly earned stars masha'Allaah.
Well Done!