Thursday, 16 December 2010

Candle making at Cubs.

My children go to Cubs once a week for an hour and half, its like Scouts but for the younger children and they do all sorts of things there such as: playing football, hockey, making camp fires and camping trips, arts and crafts, swimming and lots more things. It gives them a chance not just to mix with other children but also to get out of the house, being a cub member encourages politeness and a sense of helping others in and around the community (such as helping the old people and various charities). So for this reason I think it is a good activity for my children.
I will pass the keyboard over now to them as they are going to write about how they made their candles.

First we melted the wax from a mix, then we poured it into the mould and let it set for twenty four hours.Then we decorated  it with materials and paint wax. Here is one half painted,full painted and glitter painted. written by Abdullah
We all had a mould with a hole at the bottom.
First we tied a piece of string to the middle of a tooth pick and pulled the string to the bottom so the tooth pick would be at the top of the mould and the piece of string would be pulled through the hole at the bottom. To hold the string at the bottom in place we put a piece of blue tack .
Then we melted some little white balls of wax and pored them into the mould .
After they had set for 24 hours we snipped the tooth pick off and took the candle out its mould .
I painted one of mine gold with stars and the other glittery.
Written by Jumanah.

Multiplication Clock

My Children learned all the twelve times tables from and So I thought it would be good to refresh their memory and make this multiplication clock. We took the idea from

I think they are superb and No throwing darts at these boards! hehe