Saturday, 16 October 2010

A bag of Arabic from Ukhti Umm Ahmad

Science topic: Taking a closer look.

 We collected a lot of leaves, berries, acorns and seeds from our local park and took them home to have a closer look.


The kids sliced through the pods and berries to find the seeds inside and looked at them under the microscope.
                     A pod (inside full of seeds)

Slicing the berries and discovering the seeds...

Slicing an acorn.

More findings:  helicopters (pods from the field maple tree and sycamore tree)
Some of the leaves laminated.

Our science topic display board

For the last few weeks we have been studying all about the plant cycle and this is our display board.

This  was part of our 'Good Deeds Stars' background and rather than just throw it away we recycled it and just added the soil to the bottom of it.

This is the border of the teaching display found at

And the other posters and groups of plants (all found at the above link).

Our display so far.