Friday, 3 June 2011


(The All-Merciful)

(The Most-Merciful)

Al-Barr (The Generous)

Al-Kareem (The Kind)

(The Bestower of Good)

Ar-Ra’oof (The Kind)

Al-Wahhaab (The Bestower)

All of these Names are close in meaning and all of them point to describing the Lord with mercy, generosity and kindness. They point to the great expanse of His mercy and gifts that encompass all that is existence, being granted in accordance to the dictates of His wisdom. The believers have been specifically singled out for this and they are granted a goodly and the best portion of this as Allaah said:

My mercy encompasses all things and I shall decree it for those who have taqwaa.
[Al-A’raf (7): 156]

All blessings and the various aspects of beneficence are from the effects of His mercy, generosity and kindness just as all beneficence in this world and in the Hereafter is from the effects of His mercy:

Ar-Rahmaan. He taught the Qur’aan and created mankind.
[Ar-Rahmaan (55): 1-3]

Verily, we used to call on Him [Alone] before. Verily He is Al-Barr,
[At-Toor (52): 28]

O man! What has made you careless concerning your Lord, Al-Kareem.
[Al-Infitaar (82): 6]

And had it not been for the grace of Allaah and His Mercy on you, [Allaah would have hastened the Punishment]. And that Allaah is Ra’oof, Raheem.
[An-Noor (24): 20]

[They say]: Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us Mercy from You. Truly you are Al-Wahhaab.
[Aali-Imraan (3): 8]

 Taken from Explanation to the Beautiful and Perfect Names of Allaah
by Shaykh Abu 'Abdur-Rahmaan as-Sa'di


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